YEAR ELEVEN: RELIGIOUS STUDIES B Philosophy & Applied Ethics: Spring Term (Ethics 2)
Unit B604: Religion, Peace and Justice
Lesson One: What are attitudes towards War?
Religion: Christianity
Skills: Empathy
Learning Objectives



 Suggested Teaching & Learning


Attitudes to War?

a) K&U of what is covered in the unit: Religion, Peace & Justice including Key Words.

b) What are their attitudes towards War?

c) AO1: Describe, Explain

d) AO2: Express personal response

a) GCSE Religious Studies: Philosophy & Applied Ethics for OCR B by Jon Mayled and Jill Oliphant (Hodder Education) pages 152-155
b) OCR GCSE Religious Studies B Christian Philosophy and Applied Ethics published by Heinemann pages 80
c) Discovery: Jon Mayled and Libby Ahluwalia: pages 180

d) GCSE Philosophy & Ethics: Michael Keene
: pages 276-77

e) Ethics through Christianity for OCR Religious Studies by Lorraine Abbott. Hodder Education. Pages 80-81

f) BBC Active - Bitesize GCSE Religious Studies

g) Video Number 45: Christian Aid: Peace and War
- Saving Private Ryan
h) Worksheets:
- A lesson to introduce the theme of Religion, Peace and Justice
i) Music:
Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and
The War Song by Culture Club
Introduce to the pupoils what they will be learning about in this unit. Page 138 of the Heinemann textbook is good for this. They can write down what they willl be addressing Christian teachings and beliefs about e.g.
  • Attitudes people have to War
  • Violence and Pacifism
  • Crime and Punishment
  • How ideas about social injustice are shaped by belief and the consequences they have for behaviour.
They could also be given a copy of the relevant section from the GCSE syllabus for this unit.
Then there are a variety of things they could do concerning the Key Words. We could have a worksheet with the Key Words and definitions and pupils have to match the correct Key Word to the Correct definition.
Or, if these have not been produced yet they could either be given a copy of the definitions or copy them out into their books.
After that: Give out copies of the worksheet: A lesson to introduce the theme of Religion, Peace and Justice and get the pupils to do the activities: they have to put the title Ideas about War. They could be played Frankie goes to Hollywoods 'Two Tribes' and Culture Clubs 'The War Song'; Discuss the message of war in these songs.
Then using the ideas on the worksheet they have to write down their own opinion of war. (There are good hints on the sheet)
They could be shown the first 15 mins of 'Saving Private Ryan'. After that Pupils have to write a paragraph or two on their feelings of war. How do they feel about what they have seen? Have their views changed? Why? Why Not?
When given the extended writing exercise use the 'Literacy Assessment Grid' with students which shows that we are looking at spellings, punctation, commas, semi-colons and the use of paragraphs etc...)

Hinchingbrooke School RE Department Website
Angley School, Kent Rsources for students
Samuel Whitbread Community School online resources for Philosophy & Ethics
Key Words: Capital Punishment, Conscientious Objector, Judge, Just War Theory, Justice, Nuclear Pacifism, Pacifism, Proportionality, Quaker, Revenge, Sin, Social Injustice, Violence
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